Horror Stories

June 5, 2011

Yep, I’m sick.  Hopefully it’ll clear up soon.

Last night Anna Beth, a girl volunteering directly with African Impact, told us some horror stories about the area.  Apparently a few weeks ago someone left the gate to the organization’s house unlocked and someone came in, slamming the door open.  The girls were terrified, and none of their emergency contacts would answer the phone, including the police.  Thankfully they finally got a hold of someone.  Nothing happened to them, but the idea is only vaguely terrifying.

Another time two volunteers were going out for a run in our neighborhood, which we were told was quite safe.  They got slightly separated, and someone took the opportunity to rob her.  At knife point.  Apparently someone pulled up in a car and got the man off of her and helped her out of the situation.

Just now, as I was writing this, a girl in our group came home to tell us her own horror story.  She was robbed at the ATM.  They were in a well-lit area with lots of people around.  He pulled the classic tricks and ended up running off with her card.  When she and the other girls went into the gas station to ask for help, the attendants actually laughed at them.  One kind woman finally offered her help in calling the police, who never actually showed up.  She was able to get the card cancelled before anything happened, and we’re just glad she’s okay.

On the brighter side of things, we went to Boulders Beach today!  It was beautiful and so blue.  Plus, there were penguins!  They were absolutely adorable despite being so awkward.  I even found the sign that I was hoping to find while I was down here.


About jessinsafrica

Hi, my name is Jessica MacKinnon. I am driven to work to make the world a slightly better place. I was really excited to take that motivation to somewhere I thought really needed improvement. What actually happened, though, was that I instead became a better person.
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