Beginning the Adventure

June 9, 2011

Today is a travel day!  We woke up this morning and headed off to the airport to hop on a plane to Johannesburg.  I’m really going to miss Cape Town, though; it’s a very nice area!  Johannesburg, on the other hand, is the most deadly place in the world.

Thankfully, we didn’t stay long.  as soon as we got off the plane we hopped on a big red tour bus and were on our way.  We drove for about 45 minutes outside of Johannesburg to a place called the Red Ivory Backpackers Lodge.  This will be our home for the next two nights.  It’s pretty nice!  They even brought a local artist in to sell some of his paintings.

For dinner tonight we had roasted sheep.  I’d never had sheep before this and found it to be surprisingly tasty!  It was a bit off, but I’m sure it’s an acquired taste.  I did like it enough, though.


About jessinsafrica

Hi, my name is Jessica MacKinnon. I am driven to work to make the world a slightly better place. I was really excited to take that motivation to somewhere I thought really needed improvement. What actually happened, though, was that I instead became a better person.
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