A Day in the Kingdom of Swaziland

June 12, 2011

This place is amazing!

We made it through the border and into Swaziland safe and sound.  We were given dinner when we got here, and it is the best dinner I’ve had (and the best dinner I had the whole trip).  We ate warthog, and it was absolutely delicious!  Our accommodations are “huts” in the middle of a small game reserve.


Last night I went to bed to the sound of zebras in the distance.  I woke up to an impala eating grass beside our hut.  Earlier as I sat by the fire I was watching a beautiful male impala nomming on some grass about twenty feet away.  It’s crazy that these impala are willing to get so close to people.  I even touched a female!

In addition to the simple wildlife like impala, there’s more.  From the deck of the restaurant here you can see some hippos!  There’s also a crazy sign warning about the dangers of crocodiles.


This morning we went on a short horseback safari.  My horse was named Tellington.  We never went faster than a walk, sadly.  Also, since it was a small game preserve, we didn’t see much.  Impala, warthog, wildebeest, and zebra.


This afternoon we took a hike up a mountain to what is thought to be the most extensive granite cave system, which is estimated to be 5% explored.  They gave us thick coveralls and a helmet with a lamp on it, and we went spelunking for almost three hours.  There was no path and nothing unnatural.  WE pulled ourselves up walls, shimmied through holes that we barely fit through, avoided seemingly bottomless pits, and tried our hardest to not disturb the sleeping bat colonies.  I loved it.  Honestly, spelunking is one thing that I’ve always wanted to try.  Now that I have, I’m hooked.

Immediately after our hike down the mountain, we were driven to some hot springs for a dip.  I’ve been without a soak in hot water for two and a half weeks, and I think I deserved this.  And my pineapple pizza?  Even better!


About jessinsafrica

Hi, my name is Jessica MacKinnon. I am driven to work to make the world a slightly better place. I was really excited to take that motivation to somewhere I thought really needed improvement. What actually happened, though, was that I instead became a better person.
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