Learning to Surf

June 15, 2011

I truly love Africa.  The restrictions here are so much less strict.  After all of the tight security that I’ve always felt in America, just being able to do whatever is so… freeing.  Our transportation  to the beach today was a pickup truck with railing along the bed.  We all stood back there with the wind in our faces dodging tree branches.

This morning was spent trying something new.  Surfing!  I was terrible.  I have no problem catching the wave, I just have awful balance.  I’m also weak, so I wasn’t able to do “the pop” to get me into a standing position.  An hour and a half into my surfing I finally had my balance down to crawl into a standing position.  Eventually I got consistent enough to ride the waves into shore.  It was awesome!

Of course, nothing too awesome comes without a penalty.  I got massive surfer’s burn all over my thighs, and it hurts worse than a million sunburns!  The guys at the surf shop agreed that it was some of the worst they’d seen.  They showed me their aloe vera plants and I got to apply the natural stuff.  As a side note to anyone who’s wondering, that was fine.  But, do NOT apply aloe vera gel to surfer’s burn.  I imagine a tattoo would feel that way!


About jessinsafrica

Hi, my name is Jessica MacKinnon. I am driven to work to make the world a slightly better place. I was really excited to take that motivation to somewhere I thought really needed improvement. What actually happened, though, was that I instead became a better person.
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